Barefoot® 'Happy Valley'

The Barefoot® Model Happy Valley was developed on request of many riders who want a fur saddle horseback makes no problems and offers the comfort of a real fur-saddle.

The structure of the Lazy Mountain corresponds to our proven Barefoot® saddles: The saddle provides the same protection for your horse and the same flexibility. By pickled VPS® system it protects the horse's back from pressure peaks and can adapt to the horses movements to allow muscle building instead of squeezing muscles.

For all riders who want to feel safe in the saddle without feeling hemmed in! Because for the rider provides the Lazy Mountain even more comfortable: The seat is super soft and by the large, incorporated foam pad to sit as safely and soft embedded, that you no longer want to stay. The saddle offers more than stop - he "surrounds" the rider smoothly and safely - a great feeling!

The underside is made of faux fur. The saddle has 4 D-rings. The Exchange pommels can be replaced (supplied size = medium). High Conchas with leather straps for decoration and for securing the real fur seat on the seat base.

The taping of the saddle, we have specially devised: two girth straps run through and a padding made from soft leather, in order to prevent skin irritations or even pressure on the sensitive side of the abdomen. Strapped with English short girth straps.

Barefoot® 'Happy Valley'

Item CodeDescriptionPrice 
HAPPY-1-01Fursaddle Barefoot® 'Happy Valley' 1 | black$2,525.00
HAPPY-1-02Fursaddle Barefoot® 'Happy Valley' Size 1 | Brown$2,525.00
HAPPY-2-01Fursaddle Barefoot® 'Happy Valley' Size 2 | black$2,525.00
HAPPY-2-02Fursaddle Barefoot® 'Happy Valley' Size 2 | Brown$2,525.00
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