Welcome to Equinz

Our methods are based on building natural, non-violent relationships between horses and humans. We use Natural Horse Handling techniques inspired by the work of Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Monty Roberts, Tom Dorrance and many others.

Rope Halters

We use Rope Halters exclusively when working with our horses and the horses quickly learn that they can not push through them like webbing ones. The rope halter works on pressure and the horse learns to move away from it. We spend the time teaching the horse to trust and move off the lightest amount of pressure.

Barefoot Trimming

All our horses are barefoot and trimmed regularly. We have seen amazing improvements in our own horses over the years and have seen many of the health and behavioural issues in horses we have worked with disappear through proper remedial hoof trimming.

Barefoot Saddles

Because we have so many horses come and go with clients, rescue, and our own herd. I had so many traditional English saddles it was just crazy, not to mention the problems and cost I had fitting each horse, and still not happy with the outcome. I found what I believe to be the best treeless saddle on the market, “Barefoot Saddles” designed by a German physiotherapist for her and her horse.

I thought if I can have one saddle that fits all my horses, save their pain and mine I’d be thrilled. So I sold all the English saddles to fund my new Barefoot, it was the best purchase I’ve made, I have owned it for five years now and ride just about every day on all sorts of horses from 13.hh ponies to my 16.2hh Clydie cross over all sorts of terrain, with no hot spots or sore backs for horse or rider. Some days I can be in the saddle for 4 hours or more and to get off and not have a sore backside, I think that’s nothing short of amazing.
We are now happy to be named as an official distributor of Barefoot saddles in New Zealand! We hope to be able to provide a wide range of products for you at a reasonable price, so that you and your horse can experience the comfort and convenience of a genuine barefoot saddle. You'll never want to ride in another saddle again!

If you too would like to have a true partnership with your horse, flick through our website on your way to our contact page. Drop me a line and we’ll have a chat.

I hope you’ll be inspired to be the best human you can be for your equinz.

Regards Rhonda & Dominic Stove