Barefoot 'Just Adjust' Saddle

Innovation: The 'JustAdjust' Barefoot ® - a size-adjustable saddle!
The cantle of the saddle Barefoot ® model 'JustAdjust' can be detached and positioned freely using a velcro system under the saddle seat. This means the seat size of the saddle can be adjusted to the respective tabs.

The Barefoot ® 'JustAdjust' has a thigh pommel which provides a secure grip and can also be adjusted depending on the desired tab. This saddle also has a safety stirrup suspension that can be adjusted with a new handle on the respective tab. This gives it the ability to adapt to the respective horse through the variable design and the VPS ® system - and have more flexibility!

The Barefoot JustAdjust ® is ideal for riding schools, treatment facilities or private stables where several riders share a saddle. This applies to riders themselves as well: for example in pregnancy or after dieting. It also gives unsteady riders sufficient support and security. The proximity of the saddle and rider to the horse transfers the movements of the horse and ensures faster, more enjoyable learning.
The saddle is made of easy-care Drytex ™ and has a non-slip, anti-slip seat made of genuine suede.

Fleece underside is black in color. There are 6 D-rings to attach saddle pad and / or luggage. The supplied Exchange pommel (size medium) is interchangeable as with all Barefoot saddles (see size guide).
• changeable seat size
• adjustable stirrup attachment
• flexible in all three dimensions (X, Y, Z)
• no pressure and therefore no reduction of back muscles
• VPS ® system with
• rider close, free and comfortable seating in the center of gravity of the horse
Seat sizes:

Color: Black
As a saddle pad for the JustAdjust please select the "Cheyenne" Saddlepad.

Barefoot 'Just Adjust' Saddle

Item CodeDescriptionPrice 
JA-01Barefoot® 'Just Adjust' Size 0-2$1,225.00
JA-02Barefoot® 'Just Adjust' Size 1-3$1,225.00
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