Barefoot® 'Ride-on-Pad' Physio Support, size L, Black

Ride-On-Pad `Physio Support` with knee rolls
Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad Physio Support  with large knee rolls add to support the rider´s legs whilst the high, soft cantle encloses and supports rider at the back. The  underside is made of Sympanova to prevent slipping on horse's back.
The underside has an additional padding pad. Included are 2 sets of shims (1 pair of cellular rubber shims and 1 set of soft PU foam). The padded underside ensures spinal clearance and also additional protection for the horse's back. Difficult saddle positions can be balanced by cutting shims.
The Barefoot®  Ride-On-Pad Physio Support has no stirrup attachments to avoid any pressure on the horse's back muscles.
With most bareback pads girth attachment runs straight across the back and puts pressure on one or two spinous processes - the Barefoot® Ride-On-Pads are more horse-friendly: The concealed girth straps are mounted centrally on skirts and therefore distribute pressure over the whole area.
The Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad Physio Support gives the rider a really secure seat close to the horse and is stable on the horse's back due to non-slip underside.
• D-Rings to secure bags
• Nylon carry handle
• horse-friendly rigging
• non-slip, padding underside
• large knee rolls and secure seat
Size: S, L (dress size german 32-36 or 38-44)
Colour: brown or black
Size S = Lenght: 53 cm, Length of flap: 48 cm
Size L = Lenght: 60 cm, Length of flap: 53 cm
Tip: The Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad Physio Support is not suited for smaller ponies due to long saddle skirts and rigging. We recommend: use Barefoot® Ride-On-Pad in pony size for smaller ponies like Shetlands.
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