Arizona Size X0 BELLIS

Cute Barefoot western saddle for children made from water-repellent Dry-Tex Material with smooth finish. Easy-care – can be washed off. Offers panel system to the right and left of the spine in order to give protection. Cuddly donkey Bellis comes along as a key-chain.

The saddles places the rider safely and gives a snug hold. Beginners can hold-on to the saddle horn. Since all movements of the horse can be felt much more distinct, a beginner learns how to adjust to them much quicker and how to sit free.

Matching fleece lining, 6 D-rings to attach saddle blanket or carry-ons. Comes complete with fenders and matching stirrups and tie strap and off billet (nylon).

  • flexible in all three dimensions (X, Y, Z)
  • offers safe seating
  • places rider close to the horse to get used to it's movements quicker
  • Weight just about 4 Kilo.

Size: X0

Color: black/blue

Measuring template (to determine the shoulder width of your horse)

Expected delivery time: about 6 weeks.

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